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Browse some of our most frequently asked questions to learn more about Sequorum and our QuoCom network of solutions.

Who can use Sequorum as a solution?

Unconnected or under-connected people, basically meaning they have access to less than 50 Mbps of reasonably consistent internet bandwidth. People who live in rural communities ranging in size from 100 – 1,000 homes, even if the community spans many square kilometers or has several kilometers of distance between some of the homes

What does Sequorum do?

Sequorum builds internet access networks that are specifically tailored to the needs of those living and working in small rural communities. Our networks use state-of-the-art wireless and fibre optic technologies designed and implemented in our proprietary process and finished network called QuoCom.

What does a Sequorum system look like?

Sequorum networks normally are built by installing small wireless radios—most are roughly the size of a dessert plate (6” in diameter)—on client homes and businesses, which link with other radios installed on other homes and businesses nearby to form a wireless network. The wireless network is then connected to the internet via one or more fibre optic cable connections

How much data are we talking?

Sequorum networks deliver a minimum of 100Mbps data rate bidirectionally, and are capable of up to 1 Gbps wirelessly, depending on the needs of our clients.

Is QuoCom service affected by the weather?

Sequorum wireless networks are engineered to endure the harshest of weather events, and significantly out-perform other types of wireless networks in bad weather.

Does Sequorum provide more than just internet?

In most communities our network is more than just internet access. We also supply IP telephone and television services, meaning you can have a home phone and home digital cable box in your home connect via the internet.

Once QuoCom is installed, how is it managed?

All networks need to be managed for as long as they’re running. Sequorum supplies on-going management of the network, which is typically included in the project price for a period of time that we agree on in advance. Once the management agreement ends you will have the option to continue having us manage your network for you, or you can opt to have us train designated people in your community to do the management for you. A third option is that we come to a hybrid arrangement where you supply some of the management resources and we continue to provide some of the more-technical support for you. Any way you want to manage your network, we’re there to support you.

How is it priced?

Pricing a QuoCom network is a bit complex. It depends on a number of factors, including:

  • Geology of your region (Mountains, hills, valleys, canyons, trees, etc.)
  • Number of clients on the network (homes/businesses/Wi-Fi hotspots)
  • Where each one of your client locations sit within the geological features of your region, and the routes through which they can be connected (a.k.a. “Network Physical Topology”)
  • Proximity to commercial internet access data connections (a.k.a. “Backhaul”)
  • Service levels desired by your clients
This is why we engage in 2 estimating exercises in order to get you a firm price: the initial rough estimate, and the site survey.

What are the different options available to get the QuoCom network in our community?

1. You can purchase the network outright. This means you’ll own every piece of equipment installed on it, which we’ll warranty under normal circumstances for 1 year. You will be provided with a period of time (typically 36 months) where we’ll do your network management, after which you’ll be responsible for managing the network yourself. However you will always have the option to re-hire us to manage the network we installed for you. This option gives you the maximum amount of control over the network, however it will require a higher up-front investment from you than the other 2 options, below. 2. You can partner with us to purchase the network. This means you’ll own a percentage interest in the network, and so will we. We’ll negotiate the percentages together. Part of the negotiation will also be to determine what the monthly user fees will be for the clients on the network. You will be required to pay for your percentage share of the network in advance, for which we can assist you to find financing, if you like. We will split the net proceeds of the monthly profits of the network according to our percentage interest, which include having us do all the network management. This option still provides very high levels of control for you, while requiring a small up-front investment. And, it will yield a revenue stream that your community can apply toward other projects or on-going operations. 3. You can invite us to build a QuoCom network for your community. You’ll need to work with us to secure a certain amount of advance subscription commitment from your community members. We can provide you with a rough monthly fee and advance subscription requirement after our initial discussions, but we’ll need to conduct the site survey before making any formal proposals. This option requires very little up-front investment from you; typically just the cost of the site survey and some communication expenses so we can engage your residents. We’ll work together to arrive at a balance of monthly subscription rates and performance levels that best suit your community, which typically include multiple service plans and data rate guarantees.

How long does installation take?

Sequorum can install a QuoCom network very quickly as it uses unlicensed frequencies and typically does not require construction of large towers, thereby reducing installation time—and cost—significantly, in comparison with other network types. Our projects generally start within 2 weeks of coming to agreement, and can be completed in timelines as short as a month.

Where is QuoCom available?

We’re currently engaged in projects in BC, AB, SK, and MB, but we’re capable and willing to build and manage networks anywhere in Canada or the United States, including the most remote regions. First Nations communities are excellent clients for us because they’re keenly aware of the need to close the technology gap, and prefer to do so in a way that maintains the sovereignty of their communities.

What does the process look like to get started?

Getting started with Sequorum is as easy as sending an email, filling out a very short form on our website, or calling us. The first step is us getting to know each other; for you it’s about getting to know the specifics of how a QuoCom network will look/perform/cost in your community immediately and over time, and for us it’s about getting to know the demographic and geologic makeup of your community to ensure the network performance you want is precisely what we’ll deliver to every single client. Once we’ve had a preliminary conversation we’ll supply you with an informal approximate price and timeline within a week. While we don’t guarantee informal pricing, more often than not we don’t need to change it substantially after we do a site survey. A site survey is necessary to produce a formal quote and timeline. Formal quotes are our guarantees of pricing. Most site surveys take between 3 – 7 business days to complete, and involve inspecting the lines of sight for every single client in the proposed network.

Why is this important?

Internet access is necessity of life around the world Internet tools (video conferencing, online schooling, streaming services, etc) are constantly increasing the demand for networks that perform faster and faster, with less and less tolerance for instability We’ve personally witnessed the effects of living in communities that under-connected and unconnected on the lives of many people across Canada and the United States. It exacts a cost on the quality of life (staying in touch with loved ones, income stability, access to education, etc.), and in more cases than many want to admit it exacts a cost on life itself (critical healthcare resources and supplies).

What does the name "Sequorum" mean?

Quorum is the Latin root word for “the select group who”. Sequor is the Latin root word for “to respond”, “to seek”, “to accompany”, “to strive”, and “to succeed”. These terms combined imply our values; Sequorum is the select group who responds, seeks, accompanies, strives together, and succeeds.