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Attention Investors

Get steady returns while your investment empowers equality of life.

Nearly Two Million Canadians are Without Internet.

A market opportunity and a social problem to solve.

Invest with purpose and get on board with a good idea.

Sequorum brings internet to remote regions. You can help.


A reasonably priced solution for the remote internet market provides service with 140+ Mbps upload and download speeds to users. 

Regional leaders collaborate with Sequorum with community invested funds and external financiers partnering on projects.


If this sounds like an intriguing idea, we have good news. Your financial resources can fulfill a higher purpose while earning returns.


Do you want to learn more? Contact us for a meeting.

Connect and Prosper

Find a sense of fulfillment and help communities left behind by the digital divide become equal.

Families, kids, educators, community leaders, and entrepreneurs do not have adequate internet to thrive, connect and prosper from technology for the quality of life most Canadians enjoy.


Even though the nation’s progressing wealth and educated population are supported by faster and reliable internet, the benefit isn’t enjoyed by everyone. In rural homes, 45.6% of people live without acceptable rates.


The digital divide isn’t only happening in remote areas of Canada. Some are surprisingly near to major centers. Communities are desperate for solutions for better lifestyles, opportunities, and property values, but traditional providers are absent without first getting enormous infrastructure costs paid upfront, while still not guaranteeing connectivity for all.

Sequorum seeks partners on projects
Why Does Canada Have a Digital Divide?

Let's not normalize inequity

We bring awareness, courage, creativity, and capital to fix the digital divide.


Regional leaders and community residents experience the problem firsthand, and they understand traditional Telcom providers are over-scale and a poor match to provide the solution.


Traditional Telecoms require enormous up-front investments for installations, making projects financially out of reach for communities even with substantial government grants. The subscriber base is too low to offset the price of over-scaled, traditional broadband technology.


Emerging satellite or dated wired technologies are glitchy and useless for modern applications such as streaming services and videoconferencing. 

People and community leaders are willing to pay a fair price for these benefits:
  • Attend online school and access global learning resources.

  • Work from home, run home businesses, and access a global economy.

  • Access health care and specialists remotely.

  • Connect with friends and family.

  • Contact first responders, receive emergency care, protect homes with cloud-based security systems.

How it Began

We the Sequorum founders were asked in April 2020 to help fix a broken internet network in a remote community where a dozen Grade 12 students were isolated at home due to Covid-19 but would fail to graduate without achieving credit in their last semester. To ensure the students graduated, we repaired a network to connect homes, providing 100 Mbps download and upload speeds. The extreme challenge of the terrain and a wide area led us to invent a new network strategy. We established Sequorum, which we believe will change lives by bringing affordable and high-speed internet to a ready pool of subscribers.


We call our unique network strategy Quocom, a high-speed, custom, and effective design to be scaled with larger land areas with distributed users, engineered to overcome challenging obstacles and terrains that cause both traditional and emerging internet delivery to fail.


Private Utility Model = Predictable Returns

Quocom networks are an excellent solution, meeting engineering requirements for large areas and lower populations. We also created a business model that is founded on community collaborations to create an entity which functions like a private utility, while also providing predictable revenues or returns for internal or external investors.


Fast performance

Quocom guarantees excellent fast 140+ Mbps upload and download speeds and affordable service. Populations searching for a solution were resigned they’ll never catch up to service found in cities, until now.


Unique opportunity

Quocom custom networks involve less capital, and they are created from structured regional agreements with a requirement for majority subscriber rates. They provide a unique opportunity for investors to get involved with secure knowledge of goodwill from a broad base of regional users in contract.


Private wealth can help people become productive who have been cut off from internet access by a traditional business model. Other providers avoid the remote community market which has created a rare opportunity and a huge unmet need.

Get Involved

Investors as Catalysts for Change

The small group of investors we are working with are looking for ways to be an intelligent catalyst for a big change in society through technology. With partners, we want to implement something simple, that can be accomplished with a unique strategy: a coordinated agreement between regional leadership, technology, and private investment.  


We are currently accepting financing, as we are ready to install our first projects in 2021, with initial rounds of investments offered only to exclusive parties who share our vision to eliminate the digital divide, with our initial focus on the urgent needs of indigenous communities.


Agreements are structured to ensure rewards - growth of dollars, along with personal, financial, and social returns on investments. Investors will see tangible results in communities that receive modern tools to enable people to thrive, and the satisfaction of applying a portion of wealth to a higher purpose, while receiving stable earnings.

Investor Checklist Highlights

1. Exceptional Goodwill Factor: Investing in Quocom networks can be evaluated for a high goodwill factor. Take confidence in the strong business case to invest in communities that are made up of broad base of customers in long term contracts.

2. Aligned to Public Policy:  Connecting the communities left behind in the digital divide is a recent priority announced November 2020 by the Trudeau government, which is committing $1.7 billion to the problem to bring infrastructure to 98% of Canadians before 2026 via the universal broadband fund. The announcement did not provide detail about exactly how service would be delivered – leaving room for private companies to step up. Take confidence projects will not be derailed by government policy because they could be partially funded by public dollars.

3. Fractional Divestitures: Flexible terms provide a structure for fractional divestitures, so you can reinvest, or choose to place your wealth elsewhere at the conclusion of the agreement.

4. Flexible for Duration and Risk Tolerance: Choose a term loan for project financing at a guaranteed interest rate and principal payback between five to ten years or discuss a model for an equity investment. Ongoing projects to be financed now and in the near future provide an opportunity that meets your goals for divestiture or reinvestment.

5. Historic performance: Internet Service Providers enjoy a historic performance for investors. Following the stock market crash caused by the pandemic, the internet service provider industry recovered faster in comparison to other markets. Internet service providers belong to an industry where consistently growing demand ensures sustained growth in the market. 

Meet the Team

By now you may be wondering who we are, and why we’ve created this.

We’re Brad and Scott, and we have decades of experience deploying systems like this in various applications.


We created Sequorum because we discovered there was a population that was getting left behind with the digital divide, and the solution was simple. We are family guys and deeply involved in our communities. We can’t imagine whole regions without the same basic advantages that have supported our kids to become fine young men and women.


We know that our networks will be a game-changer for Canadian people, while also providing a growing and stable investment for the ones who recognize the solution and seize a chance to do something good with their wealth, helping provide equality and quality of life, supporting hundreds at a time in one transaction.


Are you ready to get a return on investment that pays personal, financial, and societal dividends?


Get a meeting today.

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