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About Sovereignty

Sovereignty is autonomy.  It is a self governing state that is free from external control.

Sovereignty occurs when a culture or community acquires the ability of self-determination.  This leads to 3 types of FUNDAMENTAL UNITY:

  1. Unity of Identity – “we know who we are now, collectively” 

  2. Unity of History – “we know where we come from, as a community” 

  3. Unity of Purpose – “we agree on what we want to accomplish, together” 


These three types of unity are only achieved after a culture clearly establishes these CORNERSTONES:


  1. Integrity – “we are precisely who we say we are, and act exactly as we say we will, always” 

  2. Autonomy – “we are capable of meeting our own needs, either by exploiting our own resources or by making fair trades with other cultures for their resources” 

  3. Boundary – “we definitively know who is ‘in’ our cultural region and who is ‘out’ (“entrance”), as well as who is a ‘member’/’citizen’ and who is a ‘guest’ (“citizenship”), and have the ability to control transitions of both entrance and citizenship” 

Sequorum strengthens all 3 of the sovereignty cornerstones by:


  1. Building customized, community-owned high speed telecommunication networks 

  2. Creating fully customized, high-performance information management infrastructures 

  3. Consulting and co-creating with the community, information governance plans 

  4. Facilitating on-going training and adoption of the all the above by administrators and citizens 

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