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About Us

Our mission is to empower small communities to become self-reliant.

Sequorum started when 2 guys who worked together in IT and Telecommunications for over 2 decades had the opportunity to witness firsthand the dramatically negative impact that not having enough internet bandwidth to conduct a Zoom call had on the people living in a small indigenous community.

They couldn’t work from home.

Their kids couldn’t participate in school from home, even to get help with homework after school. 

They couldn’t even call their family or friends—let alone a doctor or an ambulance—from home because their cellular services were just as unreliable as their internet access.

This was bad enough under normal circumstances, but then our “normal” changed and made it even more important to remedy the situation. So Sequorum was formed.

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Both founders have spouses who are teachers. It makes sense, then, that we are keenly aware of the issues currently faced by our education systems. In particular, we see and hear many stories about how delivering education in rural communities is so challenging right now because the connectivity is inadequate. We’ve seen firsthand a range of consequences experienced when people are unconnected, like grade 12 kids unable to graduate from high school because of lock-downs, to sick people getting hospitalized when it could’ve been avoided if medical assistance was available sooner, all the way to increased suicide rates where shut-in people have no access to meaningful human interaction when they need it.

Sequorum started by custom-designing, constructing, and managing exceptionally reliable high-speed internet access networks to connect small communities virtually anywhere. Using virtually unlimited combinations of every current network technology—fibre optics, wireless fibre, wireless mesh, and wireless point-to-multipoint, being the most common—we connect each client within our networks to bi-directional bandwidths from 100Mbps to 1Gbps depending on their needs. We typically build these networks in rural locations often situated in difficult-to-serve terrains such as in mountains, hills, valleys, and heavily forested areas.

But then we realized how, despite being 1/3 to 1/4 the cost of any comparable network solution, most small communities still struggled to afford the cost of building a reliable network. So Sequorum adapted. We designed a partnership solution for ownership of our networks that not only makes getting a Sequorum network affordable to virtually every small community no matter their economic circumstance but also brought an investment opportunity to the market that is enormously ethical. No other internet service provider is currently bringing the investor community together with those who truly need someone to invest in them the way Sequorum does.

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