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Sequorum Inc. is a business with extensive experience deploying technology and connectivity projects.  The firm is based in Western Canada and currently works in Canada and the USA.


Sequorum works with businesses and communities to assess and develop plans around connectivity. Key advisory mandates focus on ensuring the technology development plans and investment plans integrate with business and residential needs in the context of growing and evolving community plans. The team prioritizes collaboration with the client to deliver connectivity solutions to customers that align with connectivity needs and future planning.  This will include the assessment, modelling and engineering of voice and data solutions as may be needed by the community customers to connect residents, business, and other groups. Engagements often include developing, implementing, and operating Wide-Area-Networks (WAN), Internet Service Provider services development and network operations and management as may be needed by the client / community.

As part of a typical mandate, the above planning prioritizes a long-term approach to strategic suppliers and technologies with the intention of optimizing operations, delivering savings and connecting people.

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